Turtle Night Light

Yesterday the light bulb in my desk lamp went out yet again. I immediately checked my cabinets for a replacement and discovered I didn’t have the correct bulbs for it. It requires a lower wattage so I’ve been sure to always keep a supply of them. At first I became upset and I thought to myself…NO, I don’t want to be in the dark at night! I actually haven’t been able to sleep with the lights out for an entire night for several months. I have been teased about it quite often, but the person never asked me…why?

Well, I quickly thought of three possible options: Number #1 – go to the store and buy the exact bulbs I need for it. Number #2 – buy a brand new lamp so I can use my current light bulbs instead. Number #3 – buy a night light. Yes, that’s it I’ll get a night light…problem solved! Then I thought more about it and recalled that I haven’t used a night light since I was about two years old.

Am I afraid of the dark? I suppose in a way I am. However, it’s not the dark itself though that concerns me. It is being unable to see if something were to happen in my surroundings. Thus, the light helps me feel like I would be alright. Today is yet another gloomy day so when I awoke this morning I noticed there was no sunshine anywhere in sight. It is a dark(ish) day and I feel it’s a good thing for me for this reason. I must spend more time eventually becoming accustomed to the dark. Finally, I realized my night light is actually just a ‘bandage’ to cover my wound — NOT a solution. What I need to do is trust again that I’ll be OK no matter if it’s in the darkness of night or the light of day.


I did look around online and I found this beautiful night light. It caught my eye because turtles are some of my favorite animals. I looked closely for a minute at it and saw something there…reassurance.

Whether we are human beings or animals we all learn about trust via bonds within our family units. The baby turtle riding peacefully on its mother’s back makes me think of starting to trust others again even if it’s slowly and steadily.


Breaking Bread

CloverLeafDinnerRolls Pic

A couple of days ago I spoke with a long-time friend on the phone to catch up and see what’s new with her. Normally, during our conversations we will discuss any and everything. Of course, having known each other as long as we have this has never been an issue for either of us. Well, actually I now take that statement back. We started talking about politics during which time she became noticeably agitated with me. I listened calmly to her side of things and she made a specific statement that stuck with me. She said ‘there’s not always reason to justify everything that a person does’ in life. Her statement was directed towards me and I have to admit I was stunned by what she said.  What stood out to me the most though is the fact that she sounded angry with me. I didn’t get verbally hostile towards her in return. I, instead explained to her that in my opinion yes there are always reasons why people do what they do. Mind you…in a situation a person’s justification or reasoning/logic might not be what we ourselves find ‘agreeable’ or ‘acceptable’ but it’s theirs and belongs to them – not us. I do feel she wanted to argue with me over what I said so I did give her the last word.

Above is a picture of some bread…a dinner roll. I think that human beings have always and will have differing opinions on a variety of subjects. From a young age I have had all types of friends, acquaintances and associates whom I have spent time with. Now that I look back on those experiences to me they were a little like breaking bread in a way. I was always willing to hear them out (break bread) even if what we discussed ended up being a controversial topic. It wasn’t the topics (well not all of the time) that mattered the most during our conversations. Hmmm…okay some of them were quite interesting, funny and so forth to be honest. However, I think the main goal we accomplished was consistently being able to listen to one another, our reasoning/logic, agree or disagree and go forward from there all the while still remaining friends. Although, I do also admit that there were statements some people made that I still even years later don’t know exactly what they meant by them. It wasn’t a bad thing though because whenever this happened it gave me a chance to learn something new (even if small) about them and myself as well.


Whenever I’m invited out to dinner and bread is served this is what I do. Yes, I will take a piece and break it with you…definitely. Will I eat some of it? No, depending I actually may not and of course I will have my reasons for not doing so – which I hope you would be willing to hear me out about even if you don’t understand why. Nevertheless, in the end I will still be there at the table with you, conversing and enjoying our meal together.

Chris Kennedy has a Genetic Condition That Causes His Shaking

Christopher Kennedy

Today Christopher Kennedy posted on his Facebook account that his shaking is caused by familial tremors which is genetic and its cause is of an unknown origin to doctors. He is the son of former U.S. Senator Robert F. Kennedy.

Kennedy went on to say that it is actually something he’s had his entire life. He also stated that some of his family members have it as well and they are living their lives without any complications.  He said he doesn’t discuss his condition often because it doesn’t pose any problems to him other than shaking every so often. He also said that he is neither ‘disabled’ or embarrassed by it. He then went on further saying there are many other individuals whose struggles are much larger than his own.

He spoke in Chicago, IL yesterday (March 27, 2017) at the Erie Café seeking potential endorsements and during which he dropped his microphone. This may have led some people to speculate that he has Parkinson’s Disease which is why I feel he immediately addressed the subject matter.

He finished up by stating that his goals are to make the state healthier not to be having conversations regarding his inherited disorder.


It is a genetic type of essential tremor (familial tremor) aka involuntary shaking that has a tendency to affect families. The mutated gene is passed on by only one parent to result in the condition. The shaking particularly of the hands is rhythmic and occurs without the person trying. It is different than Parkinson Disease which is most commonly related to head trauma.

I appreciate two things that Chris Kennedy accomplished by quickly issuing his social media statement. In my opinion he is practicing transparency because he was swift to dispel any concerns that voters might have about his health. In addition, he kept the focus on his main objective which is making improvements in the state of Illinois if he is elected as the new governor in 2018. My final takeaway is this…it’s not about him instead it’s about his being of service to Illinois citizens.

Victoria Beckham’s New Fashion Line Makes its Target debut April 9th

I have always enjoyed shopping at Target. Now, I have yet another reason to like it even more. A month ago a female friend of mine invited me to go shopping. When I asked her about where we would be going to browse around she stated well I know of LOTS of stores where you can shop and I’ll go to ‘other’ places to see what is available for me. At first I didn’t understand what she meant by ‘other’ stores, but then she clarified her statement. She said she was just referring to the fact that she and I are different clothing sizes. She also mentioned that it is ‘easy’ for me to find whatever I like at just about any store. When she said this I heard both frustration and sadness in her voice. I was surprised to learn that she has a difficult time finding clothes because based on my research according to many of the articles I read stated that anywhere from 60-67% of American women wear a size 14 or higher.

My friend is plus sized and I am not. I thought about all that she said and I told her that we should put our shopping trip on hold until the weather officially changed. Of course, I wanted to go shopping with her. However, I was planning to do a lot of research to determine which stores here in our area that carried both of our sizes. Thus, I began slowly looking around online at various stores and that’s when I saw it!

Little did I know starting on April 9th we would be able to happily shop together at the SAME store. We could also even buy the exact same outfits if we wanted to do so!

I have actually been a fan of Victoria Beckham’s for a while. She was in the 90’s all female group the Spice Girls. Honestly, their music wasn’t the main reason why I was a fan. I definitely embraced their positive Universal message of ‘GIRL POWER’ and how it adds more to one’s life over all.

When I first saw the Spice Girls they immediately reminded me of my own group of friends. Therefore, I understood what they were really about beyond their music. The Spice Girls were from various different backgrounds, but are good friends and work together harmoniously.  Nevertheless, Victoria Beckham is showing that she’s staying true to their message after all of these years.

Victoria Beckham Pic.jpg

What I LIKE about Victoria Beckham’s NEW Target Line:

  • It goes up to a size 24
  • It offers Women’s, Girls’, Toddler and Baby clothing
  • It’s Very AFFORDABLE – the most expensive pieces are just $70
  • The models shown in the ‘Look Book’ are quite diverse – different ages, races and sizes
  • The clothes can be worn in a variety of settings (day, office/work and evenings)
  • The mixture of both BRIGHT and darker colors

4 FAVORITES from Victoria Beckham’s NEW Target line:

Black Ruffle Sleeve Sweater Knit Dress

Black Ruffle Knit Dress Victoria Beckham Target Line.jpg

Fuchsia Twill Tank Top

Fuschia Twill Tank Top Victoria Beckham Target Line.jpg

Fuchsia Twill Flared Trousers

Fuschia Twill Flared Trousers Victoria Beckham Target Line.jpg

Black English Floral Satin Dress

Black English Floral Satin Dress Victoria Beckham Target Line

Black High Neck Scallop Trim Tank Top

Black High Neck Scallop Trim Tank Top Victoria Beckham Target Line

Black Twill Flared Trousers

Black Twill Flared Trousers Victoria Beckham Target Line

I think this is perfect time for her fashion line to be coming to Target stores! Yes, I’m pretty excited as you can tell…what’s not to like? Now in our society many things have become so decisive lately that I feel we need more inclusive things in our lives these days whether it’s through fashion, music, art and so forth — in any form it can only help to bring us all closer together as human beings. Here is a link to Victoria Beckham’s FULL LINE that’s available in Target stores on April 9th…ENJOY!

Spice Girls Picture.jpg


Not Their Best Looks – Chicago Bears CB Deiondre’ Hall and Green Bay Packers CB Makinton Dorelant Arrested in Iowa

On Saturday night the Chicago Bears cornerback Deiondre’ Hall and Green Bay Packers cornerback Makinton Dorelant were reportedly arrested in Iowa.  They both attended and played football together at the University of Northern Iowa. Shown below are each of their mugshots.

Chicago Bears Deiondre Hall and Green Bay Packers Makinton Dorleant Cornerbacks Mugshots.png

They were arrested after an altercation that took place at a local bar there in Cedar Falls, Iowa per the local police department. The bar is called Sharky’s Fun House and it is located on College Hill in Cedar Falls, IA. The Facebook page for the bar states it is an 18+ night club/bar open Monday to Saturday from 9:00pm to 2:00am.

Hall was arrested and tasered for the following three misdemeanors per Cedar Falls Police Capt. Jeff Harrenstein: public intoxication, disorderly conduct for fighting and interfering with official acts. Hall is alleged to have spit at the police officers during the incident. Dorelant who was Hall’s college teammate was only arrested for interfering with official acts.

The bar’s bouncer is claiming that he was assaulted. The Cedar Falls Police Department is currently looking over the bar’s security camera footage to determine if it matches up with the bouncer’s statements. Hall was drafted in the 2016 NFL (National Football League) draft by the Chicago Bears.  Here is a link the local news story.

More to come in this developing story….

Leggings are a ‘No-Go’ for United Airlines Female Employees…

Black Leggings Pic

At my most recent position on a daily basis I had female co-workers who wore leggings to our office. Was I bothered by this fact? No…not at all. Have I ever worn them to work? No…not even once. Nevertheless, I do think leggings are great for several reasons. First and foremost they are extremely comfortable. I am making a point to initially mention the comfort factor because I was quite surprised to find out that United Airlines employee dress code policy doesn’t deem them as appropriate to wear for its female employees. Over the years I have flown many of the major airlines and yes seen female passengers wearing leggings quite often.

Apparently on Sunday morning there were two girls who were not allowed to board their flight from Denver, CO to Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN because they were wearing leggings. Honestly, when I first read the article’s headline I was very confused based on what I have written above. In reference to the two girls as it turns out they are both United Airlines employees who were utilizing their company travel benefits when their situations occurred. The girls were told by another United Airlines employee that they could board their flight if they changed into ‘acceptable’ attire. I don’t know if I would classify leggings as pants? They are pants-like though because they do cover a person’s legs. To some people leggings are seen as being too casual to be worn by a female in any other setting besides a gym or yoga studio. On the flip side, it is considered quite acceptable for a male to wear a track suit out and about in public. I am wondering why this is case?

This is not the first nor will it be the last time that the ‘leggings’ issue has a lot of people talking. There was a big reaction on social media because some people deem what happened to the girls as sexism. United Airlines has stated that female passengers are able to wear leggings on board their flights…no problem. Honestly, I feel bad for the two girls because I do not feel they were trying to be disobedient or cause any type of trouble by wearing their leggings. I do think that they were trying to be comfortable while traveling. Personally, I see no harm in them doing so. However, I have not ever worn leggings on a flight, but yes I think it is fine if someone else does…even if they are an airline employee.

United Airlines Airplane Pic.jpg






Need New Eyeglasses and to Save Money?


I have been wearing glasses since the age of five. While growing up I received my yearly eye exams like clockwork and I didn’t give much thought to the money that was spent on my new glasses. I did notice that my mother was always extremely unhappy whenever something happened to my glasses. For example, I fell one year in gym class while running on our school track and scratched up my glasses. Of course, she was happy I was OK. However, when she found out my glasses were not…off to my eye doctor’s office we went to buy me yet another pair and she talked to me throughout the process. My mom wasn’t one to yell or scream about things so we had several “discussions” where she listed out ALL of the reasons why I should and needed to take better care of my glasses. The number one was of course because they are NOT cheap.

Fast forward to my adulthood – recently I decided to do something “different” that I have never done before. Prior to doing so I actually did a mini-survey among those I know who also wear glasses and every one of them stated that hadn’t done it either. This gave me pause and I thought…what am I doing here? However, after shopping around at six places I knew I did not want to pay the prices I was quoted. Initially, I felt defeated, but then I had an epiphany of sorts. I have been an online shopper for years. Honestly, I’ll pretty much buy most products online. Thus, I did some thinking and realized that the one item I had never purchased over the internet was prescription eyeglasses. This led me to wondering what is out there available? Then, I went to Google to see what was being offered. Wow! I was amazed by what I saw while browsing the websites.

There are dozens of them that sell prescription eyeglasses online…who knew!? I began my search with Walmart.com and kept going from there in my research.I was excited because I’m always willing to try something new especially if it helps me to save money!

Here’s what I learned:

All of the websites do require that you have a valid prescription from your doctor.
They have a wide variety of frame styles and lens types that you can choose from.
Many website have a 14-day trial period for you to see if your glasses are suitable.
The numerous frame styles start as low as $6 (children’s) and around $9 (adults).
Options for the entire family (children’s, men’s and women’s) glasses are available.
There are specific measurements that you’ll need to have prior to placing your order.
Nearly all of the websites have a Virtual “Try-On” feature that allows you to use either one of their stock pictures or upload your own if you prefer seeing yourself instead. This was the fun part about selecting my new glasses.

Important: There are many online coupon/discount codes listed on the websites. Using them can possibly allow you to save even more money at checkout time.

When I spoke with Walmart.com they asked me to read a copy of my prescription to them. I happily rattled off the numbers for my right and left eye becoming excited.  I thought I was all set until the representative requested my PD number. Hmmm…I didn’t see those numbers anywhere on my prescription? First, I was told that I could call my doctor’s office who provided me with my prescription to obtain it. Next, the person I spoke with politely explained to me what it is and why it is necessary to have it. PD stands for the pupillary distance. The term is somewhat self-explanatory because it does have to do the distance between a person’s two pupils. From there I went back to Google and set out on my path to find my number. I ended up finding my number by using a ruler that I printed out from online. You can use a plastic or wooden one if it is handy. In addition, there are several apps that will help you quickly determine it as well. One of them is called the Glassify Me PD Meter.

A list of several websites (in no particular order):


I looked through most of the sites listed above. I decided to go with Glassesshop.com for my new glasses because they offered an excellent price on their lens packages, the best coupon codes and also had the exact frame style that I wanted at an awesome price.


Finally, just how much money did I end up saving from buying my glasses online? Using the discount codes that my order qualified for during the checkout process…I saved approximately 66% on them! I was also able to get 2 pairs because the prices were so very affordable! Would I do it again? Most Definitely!  Yes, it did take some time (2 hours) to do, but it was absolutely “worth it” in the end. It also gave me more of an appreciation for my mother’s patience because there were some years she bought me three pairs of glasses.